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Thursday, February 26, 2009


These are snaps of my few cakes (gaetaux) which i used to prepare for commercial purpose.

I think cakes are one of the easiest things to prepare, but it is easiest when you have interest in it.

It took me almost 5-6 months to bring finishing in my work.

I almost prepared 68 cakes in the duration of 6 months of my work.

I'm in love with bakery prep., i love to make cookies & bread too, but cakes was the favourite one.

Out of all cakes i took very few snaps, lots of coustmer having it whome i sold the it.

My favourite flavour is butterscoth, most of the cakes was in butterscotch, other than that i sold, pineapple gaetaux, black forrest, Dark chocolate fantasy, ganache cake, strawbery chees cake, starwbery gaetaux, white forrest & many more,,,,,,,,,

Here few snaps of my cakes are available

My last order Butterscotch

Simply vanilla


Strawberry Cheese Cake

Vanilla & chocolate
Mickey Mouse

Now I'm not making cakes, I'm doing banking.
Feild totally changed, but i still love cooking & making cakes, its in my blood so it will never go.....


vijayta said...

some lovely cakes you got there ...

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thank you!

http://myerecipecorner.blogspot.com said...

Wow! wonderful cakes.....

Shipra said...

wow cakes r lovely ..........i will be obliged if u'll teach me this art .........waiting for u'r reply