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Saturday, June 18, 2011


In my recent visit to Kerala, I had amazing variety of food. I think it was only food journey which I did. Everyday something new was there for each menu. Large variety of food for satisfying your appetite.
Puttu the tradition Kerala breakfast which is eaten with kadala(chana) curry or duck
curry or beef curry. I was amaze to see that there is choice of meats also available for breakfast. But I tried it with kadala curry only, didn't want to take risk in early morning. I liked the preparation alot. Puttu is steamed rice cake prepared prepared with rice flour and freshly desecated coconut. It taste amazing. Its prepared in special puttu maker. Its long cylindrical vessel attached to container which has water for steaming. There are many vareities available in market of this puttu maker. I had purchase the cooker attachment, You'll get to know how it looks in snaps. Lets see how we can prepare it.



Salt to taste
Fresh Coconut

  • Soak rice for six hour.
  • Remove water and dry it fully in sunlight.
  • Make coarse powder of rice of soaked n dried rice.
  • Roast the powder for some time nicely.

  • Make water Luke warm and add salt in it.

  • Sprinkle water over the power, add only little water which can hold the powder together and disintegrate easily.
  • Make layering of rice powder and freshly grated coconut, press it well and keep for steaming. it take 3-4 mins to get ready.

  • Serve hot with kadala(chana) curry or duck curry or beef curry.

    I'll loved this dish, we can prepare it in different varieties and shape. Try in on idli maker, or we can try it on big tray with three to four layering and cut into pieces and serve in any shape.

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