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Friday, December 21, 2012


Gajar Halwa (carrot pudding) is the one of the best dessert in winter for Indians. All over the country it is made in different way but the interest, enthusiasm, feel of having Gajar Halwa is same every where, Indians love it like anything. 

According to availibility of carrots it can be made with red as well as orange carrots.
In North we get to see Red carrot halwa & in South the Orange carrot halwa is prominent.
Every place have its own style of making it & different variety of stuffs are add to it, few like it with milk, sometime poppy seeds also added, few places its overdosed with dry fruits, few like it simply with cardamom flavor, but the most important thing is it's "Gajar Halwa"..... YUmmmmmm....

In Maharashtra, specially in my home, we make the Gajar Halwa with special Menu i.e. Masale Bhat/Watane Bhat, Kadhi, Puri & Gajar Halwa. It taste Awesome.. 
From childhood I have seen, in winter the above menu is compulsory to be made on small parties, get together or its best for picnic, as its easy to make & carry too... & more important this combination taste amazing.  

Today's Gajar Halwa recipe is bit different from what we make at home, its only three ingredient recipe without ghee/fat then also it taste great. I tried it yesterday only, and got good comment about it, so thought lets share..


Milk Powder


  • Peel & grate carrot.
  • Add sugar & milk powder accordingly and mix well
  • Now cook on slow flame for 10 mins.
  • Add little more milk powder at end when liquid is almost get evaporated & cook for few more seconds.
  • Your Jhatpat gajar halwa is ready to serve..

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