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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Goan Fish Curry


Fish 600gm
Onions 50 gm
Red chilies 10 gm
Turmeric powder 2 gm
Cumin seeds 2 gm
Coriander seeds 10 gm
Fresh coconut 115 gm
Tomatoes 55 gm
Green chilies 5 gm
Curry leaves 2 no
Tamarind 10 gm
Oil 30 ml
Salt to taste


• Roast and grind red chilies, turmeric powder, cumin seeds and coriander seeds.
• Chop onions and slit green chilies.
• Grind coconut to fine paste and combine with spices.
• Clean and cut fish into slices, wash well and apply turmeric powder.
• Soak tamarind in little warm water and extract pulp.
• Heat oil and fry onions, add ground spices and coconut paste mix and green chilies.
• Fry well till good roasted flavor comes out and add chopped tomatoes and sufficient water, cook well.
• When the gravy boils add the fish to it.
• Add tamarind extract, curry leaves and simmer till fish is cooked. Serve hot.

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